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Posted by on October 24, 2010

Darkwing Duck #5

Ian Brill (w), James Silvani (a), Andrew Dalhouse (c), Boom Studios.

I was a little concerned that after the initial story this title would lose some of its lustre, well I’m happy to report that that’s not the case. Not even slightly. This book is still funny, charming and all-out-awesome. I’m enjoying the alternate-reality Darkwings and the references to the Ducktales characters are fun. Brill and Silvani continue to make this one of my favourite books to read every month.

DC Universe Legacies #6
Len Wein (w), Various (a), DC Comics.

This book is such a treat for DC fans. Seriously, it’s pure nostalgia, hearkening back to past stories, tones and art styles. Len Wein has put together a really cool device for reliving DCU memories and the rotating art team is doing a fantastic job. I especially enjoyed the backup story this time out. That was hilarious! My only complaint here is that it seemed a little much to devote a whole issue to Crisis aftermath. Whole issue to that? There’s so much more to tell! I want more! I guess it’s kind of a compliment, too.

Morning Glories #3
Nick Spencer (w), Joe Eisma (a), Alex Sollazzo (c), Image Comics.

The first scene in this issue was stunning. Spencer and Eisma completely rocked it, giving it a twisted, V For Vendetta feel. Seriously, why is this school so creepy that it’s reminding me of V For Vendetta? Creepy! This issue feels more like set-up than the previous two, taking the time to show off more parts of Morning Glories Academy, such as the dungeon (?) and the infirmary. It’s…unsettling. This book kicks ass and you should buy it.

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