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Interview with Living Between Wednesdays

Posted by on November 11, 2010

This past Wednesday, Owen had a chance to talk with Jonathan from Living Between Wednesdays about the backup story “Et tu, Hecate?” written by Owen and Curtis, and published in Kill Shakespeare‘s first trade paperback. Thanks to Jonathan and to Owen for having such a kickass conversation.

Wednesday Interview: Owen Craig

by Jonathan, Living Between Wednesdays, 10 November, 2010

So: your story is appearing in an upcoming trade of Kill Shakespeare. Give us the one-sentence plot hook that will make everyone completely unable to pass it up. And maybe throw in a couple of other sentences if you feel the need.

Yeah, our story is in the first trade paperback of Kill Shakespeare. Curtis (my writing partner, I don’t remember if I established that I work with a writing partner) and I approached this story with the goal of building on the Kill Shakespeare world. When looking at their concept it occurred to us that one Shakespearean play which would be difficult for Conor and Anthony to bring in would be Julius Caesar, so we’ve taken the moment of Brutus making his decision about whether or not to participate in the conspiracy to murder Caesar and shown how that particular moment plays out in the context of the Kill Shakespeare comic. It’s basically a fun Easter egg for fans of both Shakespeare and fans of Kill Shakespeare, with some pretty cool ties into the main book.

More at: http://livingbetweenwednesdays.com/?p=4009

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