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Off-brand or Cattle Brand

Posted by on November 25, 2010

Hey, look! Here’s an article I’ve written for Big Orange Slide on the extent to which a company’s image affects the behavior of its employees.

Off-brand or Cattle Brand?

by Curtis Westman, 25 November, 2010
Illustration by Brian Ross

I’m a big fan of meat.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy vegetables; a well-cooked vegetarian meal will always outdo a mediocre steak, especially if you find it hard to silence the bovine screams that haunt your nightmares. But basically, nothing beats a 32 oz piece of meat and an impacted colon.

One company in Montreal doesn’t agree. Matt and Nat manufacture vegan designer accessories – promising that handbags and wallets alike are virginal of animal product or byproduct. They also have a company policy to uphold their brand image: namely, that no employee shall partake in the sweet, sweet flesh of another living creature.

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