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Beware the Ides of March!

Posted by on March 15, 2011

Happy Ides, everyone! To celebrate the death of Caesar, why not read a 5-paged backup story based on his murder?

Everybody’s talking about “Et Tu, Hecate?” It’s true. Here are some of the rave reviews the short story has received.

“[A] nice short read.”

– Glen Davies, GeekSyndicate

“The additional material involving Hecate tears down the fourth wall behind the fourth wall in a particularly intriguing way.

– Andrea F. Jones, Amazon Review

“The ‘Bonus Gallery’ includes ‘Et tu, Hecate?’ which is a small comic depicting the death of Caesar at the hands of Brutus.”

– The Masked Movie Snobs, blogcritics.org

“…a back up story (a really cool one about Julius Caesar).”

– Drew McCabe, comicattack.net

“…a brand new five-page story that further explores the mythology of the Kill Shakespeare world.”

– Giovanni Gelati, Gelati’s Scoop

You can buy Kill Shakespeare Vol. 1, which includes “Et Tu, Hecate?”, at any major bookstore, including Amazon.

Note: the views and opinions expressed therein about Caesar are not indicative of the views and opinions of bunchofice.com. Caesar was a lovely ruler with a keen eye for detail and a sharp fashion sense. Hail Caesar. Hail Caesar. Hail.

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