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MONDOcomics reviews!

Posted by on October 15, 2010

Here’s the reviews I wrote for the comics I bought this week:

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne
Grant Morrison (w), Ryan Sook, Pere Perez (p), Mick Gray, Pere Perez (i), Jose Villarrubia (c), DC Comics.

This was a phenomenal book. Seriously, it was a complete joy for me as a Batman fan. In fact, I would probably say it’s the best of this miniseries so far. First of all, it’s Batman in the middle of the age of the classic noire, and that’s just cool. Secondly, it’s drawn (primarily) by Ryan Sook, who does incredible artwork. And when Perez takes over, he also does a fantastic job. So fantastic, in fact, that if I weren’t looking at it carefully I might not even notice a difference. Third, and most importantly, Bruce Wayne is entangled in the mystery of his parents’ death. And it’s not lame! Morrison chooses to weave Bruce in and around the time of the death rather than actually having him investigate it full-on and it works really well. I know that this is more of a gush than a review, so just take that as a sign of my enthusiasm for this book. Love it. This is Morrison’s Batman at its best.

Justice League: Generation Lost #11
Judd Winick (w), Aaron Lopresti (p), Matt Ryan (i), Hi-Fi (c), DC Comics.

I’m sorta running out of things to say about this series… so… the usual? “A lot of fun.” “Great to see the old JLI gang back together.” “The Metal Men were awesome.” Wait… that last one was specific to this issue. My only complaint was how we only got a brief glimpse of the Metal Men’s hallucinations. They looked cool and I wanted to see more.

Knight and Squire
Paul Cornell (w), Jimmy Broxton (a), Guy Major (c), DC Comics.

There’s a lot that’s done right here. Cornell writes this book with a lot of charm, wit and a real sense of fun that Broxton builds on with some fantastic artwork. In fact, the only real problem here is that there’s SO much fun that it feels like little room is left for story. The story feels buried under a whole pile of new (and awesome) characters. Still, this is the first issue of a six issue mini, and I have faith that next issue will knock it out of the park. Don’t let it sound for a second, though, like I didn’t enjoy the Hell out of this. It’s awesome and you should pick it up.

Thor: The Mighty Avenger
Roger Langridge (w), Chris Samnee (a), Matt Wilson (c), Marvel Comics.

There’s no doubt about it, if you’re going to read any Thor comic it should be this one. It reads like the awesomest romantic comedy in the world. With Thor in it. Okay… I probably just drove away some readership with that line. Let’s put it this way, if you only like comics with blood and guts and swearing and guns then this isn’t the comic for you. If you like comics with character-building, charm and amazing artwork then you should be buying this. (It’s also a great give-to-your-girlfriend comic, by the way. My fiancée loves it.)

The Unwritten
Mike Carey (w), Peter Gross (a), Vertigo Comics.

This is one of those epilogue-type issues I’m always so fond of. The kind where characters (and readers) say goodbye to the last storyline and pieces are moved into place for what is yet to come. This is done with both the heroes and the villains, both extremely successfully. Carey continues to weave an engaging story where the reader has to work to keep up. That may sound daunting or even exhausting, but it ultimately leads to a satisfying and invigorating reading experience. Carey also works fantastically well with Gross here, giving him plenty of opportunity to show off his considerable skills. Sequences with Tommy’s… shall we say trip?… and in the villains’ lair look every bit as impressive as they need to. There are moments where the issue was a little unclear, but it’s not worth nitpicking. This is still one of the best books on the stands.

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